Logbook Servicing

When buying a new vehicle, you’re protected from certain expenses in the vehicle’s first few years by the new car warranty. To keep your warranty in place as long as possible, it’s recommended that you bring your vehicle in for regular scheduled servicing.

We can provide logbook servicing for all makes and models of petrol and diesel engines. You’ll be given important advance notice of issues in your vehicle while letting you drive away confident that your warranty’s intact.

For vehicles under warranty we’ll use genuine filters, with genuine and non-genuine parts available for general servicing.

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Vehicle Inspections

Before registering your vehicle for use on the road, before advertising to sell or transferring ownership of your vehicle to a third party or transferring an interstate vehicle to Queensland registration, it must first be issued with a safety certificate by a workshop certified by the Department of Transport.

As an Approved Inspection Station we can inspect your vehicle to ensure it meets state government standards, before issuing a safety certificate. We can also offer pre-purchase inspections, to ensure the secondhand vehicle you intend to buy doesn’t have any lingering mechanical issues.

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Brake Repairs

Keeping your brakes in good condition can often make the difference between a safe emergency stop and an expensive trip to the smash repairer. Particularly with the stop-and-start nature of driving in the city, your brakes often suffer the most wear and tear of any area in your vehicle, making regular checks of your brakes important.

We’re able to replace your vehicle’s worn or damaged brake components, covering pads, discs and drums. We can also check your brake hydraulics for leaks that might dampen the effectiveness of your brakes.

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Steering & Suspension

A host of handling and ride comfort issues, from unresponsiveness in the steering wheel to body roll when negotiating corners, can be traced back to problems with your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems.

We offer a range of repairs to restore your vehicle’s handling and comfort, from wheel balancing and alignment to replacement car springs, shock absorbers and bushing. We can also service your vehicle’s steering column and power steering system.

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Clutch & Transmission

Problems staying in gear or shifting gear, especially along with strange noises and odours from underneath the vehicle, are all signs that your transmission has developed faults. Over time this can affect your vehicle’s performance, so it’s best to have suspected gearbox trouble checked as soon as possible.

We provide a range of services for your vehicle’s drivetrain, from clutch repairs to manual and automatic transmission servicing. We also offer servicing for your vehicle’s differential and CV joints, for optimal stability and control around corners.

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Radiators & Cooling

A relatively cool engine bay is vital to maintaining your vehicle’s good health. If a problem with your vehicle’s cooling persists, it can lead to serious issues with your engine, spoiling your vehicle’s performance and efficiency as well as potentially causing a breakdown.

We can check your vehicle’s cooling system for trouble spots, repairing or replacing faulty radiators, heater units, thermostats and head gaskets. We can also conduct coolant flushes to clear out any residual deposits that might be interfering with your cooling system’s effectiveness.

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Air Conditioning

Having an air conditioning system ready to keep you and your passengers cool is vital to driver and passenger comfort, particularly in Brisbane’s typically hot weather. Most of the damage is caused not by wear and tear but by disuse through the cooler months, causing cracks and leaks in your system’s hosing.

We can get your aircon back in working order, replacing cracked, leaking hosing and repairing air conditioning units and compressors. We can also have your system regassed with the refrigerants it needs to keep your vehicle cool all summer long.

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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

With advances in automotive electrical systems coming at a more and more rapid pace, it takes a dedicated auto electrical technician to keep your vehicle in top shape.

Our workshop’s equipped with the latest in diagnostic scan tools, leveraging your vehicle’s own electrical system to more accurately diagnose mechanical issues and letting us get you and your vehicle back on the road more quickly. We can also provide testing and replacement of faulty batteries, alternators and starter motors.

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Other Services

At Euroserve we provide a range of additional services, including:

  • Supply, fitting and balancing of tyres for all makes and models of passenger cars and 4x4s
  • Windscreen replacement
  • Coordination with local towing services
  • Free battery and tyre checks
  • School hours servicing available from 9am-3pm
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